Non payment of Salary by the institution.

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Bonjour Technopark Noida

With due respect I would like to file a complaint for an Institution that had employed me as a Quality analyst. They work Under the name of Bonjour Techno Park and are partners with MMgroup India. I have worked there for sometime and the salary should have been paid on the 7th of every month. On May 7th 2012, the company gave a holiday stating that it is a ban holiday, the next day they informed us that they will not give us our salary as the process went back. The process we use to work for was (TPL CLAIMS for clients in the United Kingdoms). When we went to get out money back they treated us really bad and did not even let us enter the premisses of the office. We were standing in the road for almost 5 hours in the heat. Later they called us in one by one and gave us only half the salary, they said for the remaining 7 days (may 1st to 7th may 2012) they would credit it within 45 days. They were rude and also had no decency to talk to a lady. I had been unployed for sometime due to health issues and was looking forward to the salary as I was pennyless. There were 3 male members in the room out of which one kept on arguing with me, he is the accountant of the company, the other two were Anurag Gupta (Quality manager) and abhishek Panday (Team leader of other process like reliance, etc that runs within the company). Yesterday 12th may I simply made a call to Anurag Gupta, who was my reporting manager, and he informed that everyone had already got their salary for the remaining 7 days and he asked me to check in my account if the salary had been credited or not, if not then to come today and get the money, so i calledhim today 13th may 2012 and he did not accept my call and gave me a number for the HR manager Ambrish (mob number: 9910863963), i called him and he abused me for no reason and said that they have decided not give a single penny to me. i was very polite and asked him why, his answer was “You all are scaming against us, and someone had called and abused us, so as i am the HR manager I will put an end to your career if you ask money”. I had no intensions to fight or argue, but he kept on saying inappropriate things to me. I am from Darjeeling who lives alone and have to take care of my family and this amount (4000 +) would have been of great help. Due to health issues i ahve not been working, so i would like to plead for a reimbursement of not just 4000+/- but i want the payment for then entire 1 month that they have kept me waiting for and plus i wnt them to pay my dues of 5000/- for my credit card as well as because of them I am unable to make the payment and plus the interest of my house rent that comes upto 8000/- as i have not paid that either as i was waiting for the salary. In total I want 19000 (salary for 1 month + 5000 credit card payment delayed by them+ 8000/- house rent as y landlord is about o kick me out of my place due to non payment as i did not get salary.

The office address is;
building number A 16

Number for ambrish HR manager; 9910863963
number for anurag gupta (my reporting manager): 9891200480
and my number is 9654570834.
my email address is : [email protected]

Please help me , i am an out station candidate who has been cheated and abused and lied by the company because of which I am facing debt and also I am not well.

Thanks you please reply.

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