Non payment of Salary

Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: Agate Infosoft Pvt Ltd

Agate Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Situated in Sector 63 Noida In E Block on the ground floor of Building Number 169, Is a fraud company. They have a very huge track record of Hiring candidates, taking money from them through back door entry and campus recruitment and then not paying there salary to them.

From the time Agate took a setup in Noida they havent payed a single penny to any of there employee.

Whatever amount they collect from campus they share it between the partners and dont pay a single penny to there employees.

They have a single agende of taking money from the candidates, offer them job and dont pay there salary.

If someone ask them about his/her salary they terminate the candidate.

I worked ther for around 4 months but I was just once payed an amount of Rs 15,000.

I would like to request you to please take action against the owner of the company Mr Shatrudra Prakash Singh and the partner Mr Aman Pal Singh.

Mr Shatrudra is a very very fraud man he is having Many Pan Cards of him, with the help of which he do all the fraud.

He have Pan cards by the name Dharmendra, Vishal, and Shatrudra as well.

Please take action against him else he will continue playing with the emotions of those who are in need of job.

Earlier he was having couple of consultancies by the name aspire staffing in sector 10 noida as well. Where he took money from candidates and ran away.

Thanking you

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