Non payment of Insurance Claim on account of indundation under Standard Fire & Special perils Policy

Location/place: Laksar, Haridwar Uttarakhand

Name of company/service: United India Insurance Co Ltd, Barelly UP

Claim for assessed loss by the surveyor Mr Vinod Sharma towards inundation loss claim no 08500/11/08/12/00000321 dated 09.09.2008 for Rs 80,91,634 was rejected by United India Insurance Co Ltd vide their letter no LRO/CCD/113/2011 dated 27.06.2011 under policy no 080500/11/08/12/00000048 unilaterally keeping aside all our proofs from District Administration and News Paper cutting on account of flood. We appeal to pass an order for reassessment by another surveyor or by the ame surveyor and consider the loss with interest.Kindly help.

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