Non Durable laptop

Location/place: Khandwa

Name of company/service: Compaq

Sis I have compaq laptop Model no. 621,my laptop always cause a same audio problem . after using 1month my sound card fails and i have to draw my complaint to customer care office.the engineer come form their office and replace the sound card.but the laptop works properly only for 2-3 month and again defect happens in audio.they have replace my laptop sound card 2 times and after replacing the second time my laptop again get same problem just 1month after replacing the card.but now my laptop warranty period was going to end and the same problem happens again i asked them to replace my model and give me a new one or give me another model and i will pay the difference,but they refuse and they said said me that they can;t do it according to company policy .that’s why i wan’t them to replace my model and give me new model.

mobile no. 9074342568

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