Non delivery of speed post letter after around 45 day

Location/place: Sonipat/ Ganaur

Name of company/service: Indian postal Service

Non-delivery of Speed Post article being No.EH 4460144491N
31/05/12. My brother booked above mentioned letter for me on 31 May 12. the said article was not delivered booked from Rohtak till date . Refer my above mentioned article , I traced the article on internet and found that item baged on 01/06/12 at 05:15:05 for Ganaur S.O and bag despatched to Sonipat H.O. On 02/06/12 bag received at Ganuar S.O and bag opened but my letter till date not delivered.I and wife twice visited to post office Ganaur to trace the letter but no suitable answer they given us . Please look into the metter.

Yours truly,
[Jai Bhagwan]

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