Non delivery of Money Order

Location/place: Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Name of company/service: Post Office, Vashi

Dear Sir,

I Mr. priyand Gajiwala have made a money order of Rs 1000 to remitee at Anand, Gujarat on 10-April-13; however they made a mistake and generate a money order of 2000 and demanded for my consent/signature to stop money order and replace a fresh one.

I made a new order on 15-Apr-13 having reference no 069197130415077946.

Further they said they will make a payment within 10 mins.

However upon not receiving the same,I visited post office on 18-Apr-13 and i came to know that they have not made a transmittance as their system is down.

Dear sir the person in anand Ms Khevana is really in need of money to pay exam fee having last day on 19-Apr-13.

And Post Master is replying not to deliver or cancel money order.

I am having loss of 1050 rs unless there is a transmitance of money order.

Please do the needful and help me out getting my money back or pay out of money order in time.

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