Non Delivery of goods after payment

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Indiatimes Shopping

Order Num – 3002165108
payment Date – 30 march
Today – 22 April
Amount – 25,000

1. I keep hearing stories like the item is out of stock –
My question – is the item not blocked against each payment??? How can you take a paymet and 20 days after that when I reach outto you i hearit is out of stock !!! How many payment do they take each day like this????

2. The item cannot be shipped because it comes under so and so jurisdiction….
My question : Do we not fill in the PIN CODE even before you confirm the item??
The complete address is given before you confirm the item available and can be shpped, post which a payment is made online. So is the web site not competent enough to identify this?? then there is a bigger problem than what we are talking about

How many thousands of customers areeffected by this???

Please listen to the pathetic serviseon calls that your staff give ( including some one who claims to be a floor supervisor – 22 April around 3:50 – 4 PM IST)
I have been promised a resolution with in 24 – 48 hrs each time i calledand till today from 11th there isnt even a call back that can help!!!

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