Non delivery of car for more than 3 months after giving wrong assurance

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Skoda Dealer-Auto Bahn India Pvt Ltd-Prabhadevi-Mumbai

I has booked a skoda rapid car with auto bahn India Pvt Ltd-Prabhadevi Mumbai on 13th March 2012.Booking amount of Rs 50,000 was debited from my account on 16th March and the company followed up with me for the remaining amount assuring me that the car would be delivered in 3 week.I paid Rs 4.50 lacs again which was debited from my account on 4th April.However the company kept delaying the car delivery stating that black colour was not available..After follow up for more than a month they stated that petrol car was not avaialble as company is concentrating on diesal cars..I agreed to give the company othet colour option ,however again after assurance there was no revert from their side .They then came back to me stating that the car price has changed and i need to pay the new price as per price list released in May..I agreed pay the 2% tax,however refused to pay the differenece since my booking was made previously and the delay was on the part of the dealer..I also lodged a complaint against skoda on e-mail,however there was no response from their end apart from stating that the complain would be forwarded to the dealer..My repeated calls to the executive went in vain and they would to revert once after calls for 4-5 days again without any assurance on date of delivery..Then after getting frustrated i decide to cancel the booking..After rewpeated follow up the amount was refunded toi me after 4 days and after deducting cancellation charges..Why should the customer bear the charges when the fault lies with the company…Why was car not delivered on time even after e-mail confirmation was send that the car would bve delivered in 3 weeks..Why should the company not pay penal interest for using RS 5 lacs for 3 months when i had to pay interest on OD in my account..pls look into the matter on priority.

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