Location/place: MHOW (INDORE)

Name of company/service: BLUE DART COURIER SERVICE

1. I Ordered a product online by first on the fourth of aug which was shipped by blue dart on 06 Aug. my way bill no is 59029786130.
2. as per the details furnished on the net the parcel started from the loc on 06 Aug so it should have been delivered by latest 09th but Blue dart customer care when contacted on th 09 Aug at 1100 hrs confirmed the same that it will be delivered on 09.
3.. i had to cancel all my appts and was waiting for the parcel to come the whole day on 09 aug but in vain.
4. Today ie on 10 Aug some Mr arun pal calls me up at 1330 which i am unable to pick. so when i again call him up at 1645 he blindly refuses to deliver the parcel and the reason he gives is that he called me but i didnt pick up. Does Blue Dart requires confirmation of the reciever that whether he is at home or not, there were other ppl here who could have recieved it, as far as i know the phone number is given in case there is some doubt in the address location.
5. Mr arun pal confirmed that the parcel will be delivered on the 11th aug, which in turn was also confirmed throug a reply furnished by some Ms Kavita from blue dart services with an e mail id [email protected] Today ie on the 13 Aug when i call up blue dart for the parcel they coolly say that it has been returned to the origin and siting a reason that my address was inaccessible . I would like to say that my address is totally within the limits and earlier also blue dart has been delivering products. Blue dart should be adequately penalised for all the harrassment they have done to me

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