Non Delivery inspite of full Down Payment

Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: Royal Enfield

I ordered a Royal Enfield Thunder bird 350 cc on the name of my father Capt. K.P Singh who is an ex-army personal on 01 july 2011..
28 june 2011
I approached the manager at the showroom in order to know the procedure for booking through the army canteen services.the store manager though was himself not clear about the procedure and made several calls to know to know about the procedure and at the end asked me to submit. a purchase order of Rs. 100882.
01 july 2011.
i approached the showroom with the relevent documents and after producing the purchase order the manager mr. nilesh( who probably has now left the job told me that the purchase orders are of no use as he would need them at the delivery time, and asked me to fill up the regular order form by giving Rs. 1000 in cash.
i did the same and got a booking order no. 3902.The amount of Rs. 100882, however was deducted from my account after 2-3 days.Upon asking manager about the delivery period, i was told that the delivery would be made within 3.5 months as its a CSD booking and is the wait list for bookings by army personnels is less, however as per company guidlines he will have to mention the duration of delivery on booking receipt as 4- 5 months .
i agreed upon the same without any questions and left..

28 sept 2011.
i went to the showroom in order to know the status of the booking.It should be noted that i never approached the manager during these 3 months to inquire about the vehicle and this was the time when all blunders started happening.
the showroom manger was changed and the new manager Mr. Nitin Kr. Chawla informed me that Mr Nilesh has left the organization. upon inquiring about the delivery he told me that i shouldn’t have made the payment of RS. 100882 to eichers motors. ltd as their was a revision in prices and now i their was a difference of rs. 876 and i will have to make a new purchase order along with the octroi excemption certificate as it was valid for 30 days only.upon asking the procedure of booking he told me that the previous manager probably was not aware about CSD booking process.( I wonder who should be blamed for that.)how ever he told me that i need to deposit all the documents by 05 oct 2011, so that i can get the delivery by 15 oct 2011 as i have already made the full payment and also asked me to bring alond a cheque of Rs. 10318 for RTO purpose at the time of submitting the documents.

08 OCT 2011
My father Capt K.P Singh along with me went to the showroom to deposit the papers and the cheque of Rs. 10318 and did all the necessary paper work and submitted the required documents and where told that the vehicle would get delivered by 15 oct 2011 and i would be getting a call for the same.

15 Oct 2011
Not getting a call from R.E , i called up the showroom and came to know that mr. Nitin Kr Chawla is on vacation and upon inquiring about the delivery i was told that it would be delivered by 26 Oct 2011. I asked the reason for delay and Mr. Anup who was on the other side of phone was kind enough to tell me “” i don’t know as i am not the manager “”.Shocked by such an answer, i visited the showroom on the same day and after getting meaning less arguments from Mr. Nitin Kr. Chawla( who was actually not on leave) i was given a final date of 26 oct 2011.

26 Oct 2011.
Once again the same thing …i never received a call from the R.E people and had to call them to inquire about delivery and this time they were straight forward enough to tell me that the delivery cannot be made in October month and would be made by 15 nov 2011.

Mr. kailash Shiwale who is placed in nerul branch of R.E was the showroom manager this time and again with minor arguments he told me that the delivery would definetly be made on 10 Oct 2011.
The next day i receive a call from R.E and Mr. kailash Shiwale tells me that he would not be able to make delivery on 10 Oct 2011 and it would be made sometime by the end of november.

My question to Royal Enfield is :

1. Is it not possible for them to give an exact date to the customer or is it that their ERP/CRM system is not sound enough to perform its job.

2. Is this what the CEO. of R.E motors Mr. Venki Padmanabhan calls as quality customer service or is this what the divisional G.M (sales) Mr. Shaji Koshy calls efficient supply chain.

3. Who is responsible for the interest over those Rs. 10882 + Rs. 876 + Rs. 10318 that have been blocked by royal enfield when they cannot even give answers to simple questions of a customer.

The matter here is not about money, its about the frustating service and irrseponsible behaviour of that staff of R.E and wheather it would be taken care of…

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