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Location/place: Kolkata

Dear sir / Madam,

there was one speed post sent from tax department, kolkata.It consists of my pan card.It was sent with following reference.

Speed post no. – Ea536881416in in (19/04/2012)
detailed of track list of the article is given below

19/04/2012 18:16:00 bpc uti kokan bhavan item booked
19/04/2012 19:00:22 bpc uti kokan bhavan item bagged for kolkata airport
19/04/2012 21:39:59 bpc uti kokan bhavan bag despatched to mumbai
20/04/2012 00:24:47 mumbai bag received
20/04/2012 03:21:07 mumbai bag despatched to kolkata airport
21/04/2012 03:24:47 kolkata airport bag received
21/04/2012 05:39:10 kolkata airport bag despatched to kolkata rms
21/04/2012 12:19:55 kolkata rms bag received
21/04/2012 13:07:03 kolkata rms bag opened
21/04/2012 13:07:04 kolkata rms item received
21/04/2012 15:09:21 kolkata rms item bagged for sealdah icsh
21/04/2012 19:18:30 kolkata rms bag despatched to sealdah icsh
22/04/2012 22:31:45 sealdah icsh bag received
22/04/2012 23:03:07 sealdah icsh bag opened
22/04/2012 23:03:08 sealdah icsh item received
23/04/2012 02:10:50 sealdah icsh item bagged for palla s.O
23/04/2012 02:20:00 sealdah icsh bagged in transit bag for bongaon

but, I have not received the same till date, neither a phone call from post office for it’s non traceability.

Now when inquired, no body is able to trace out the same at post office.

Speed post is an unreliable mode to send any letter.

Please help me.

kishor sarkar

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