Non Booking of Air Ticket and charging the complete Money (Fraud Using yatra)

Location/place: Karnal

Name of company/service: Sanjay/Sachin verma Travel Agency

I am a victim of a fraud committed by Travel Agent Sachin/Sanjay Verma who booked my ticket using

Booking reference number: 9648589
Email: [email protected]
Ticket Number: 235-9553445305

He called me and told me that he is a travel agent. he took my number from Just dial.
He booked my ticket with yatra by just paying 25% of the ticket fare and told me that my ticket is conformed. I checked it online and also on the airline website and it showed me that my ticket is conformed but it was not mentioned that the entire payment is not done.
So after checking it, i payed him complete 42000 through netbanking to his bank account no: 03371000040895 HDFC Bank
Name: Ravinder Kumar

I gave his no to my friend’s and they also booked the ticket in a similar fashion.
My friends had to fly on 9th aug and they came to know that their ticket was auto cancelled by yatra as complete payment was not done. They told me about the same and i checked it and my entire ticket payment was also not done.
I tried to calll his cell phone number but it was switched off.. So in order to save the ticket from getting auto cancelled i payed the remaining ticket amount to yatra which was 38,274 Rs.

Now my ticket is conformed, however i have been fraud-ed with 38,274.
Please find below some more details:

Account Holder Name: Ravinder Kumar
Bank: IDBI
Account no: 147104000026053

Account Holder Name: Babu Ram
Bank: SBI Branch Bungal, Punjab
Account no: 302473392848

Above are the account no’s where my 2 friends deposited the amount.

Address registered with yatra of the travel agent: 1360/10B, Govind Puri Kalkaji, Delhi

Name of Travel Agent: Sachin/Sanjay Verma
Contact Numbers: 09582093956 and 09990203582
Pan Card no: BBRPKO751M (Not Sure whether this is correct or not and this is letter o and not the number 0 in the pan card no.

Varun Anand

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