Location/place: Kolkata,West Bengal

Name of company/service: NOKIA

Dear Sir/Mam,
This is to inform you that on 29.02.2012 I have
purchased Nokia Asha 300 from Mobile Store. I chose to buy Nokia
beacuse of the trust that it had developed in me in past. However it
is matter of great shock as well as shame that within a span of nearly
3 months the mobile was not functioning properly. So on 21.05.2012 I
visited Nokia Care Centre named “TELE SOLUTIONS” ( DN-1,Sector-5, Salt
Lake, Kolkata -91). After checking initially the customer care
executive informed that might be it is because the software needs
updation. Then after checking they informed that I have to deposit the
mobile for further checking. I deposited the mobile. One day after I
got a call from “TELE SOLUTIONS” that the mobile has liquid damage and
for repairing I need to pay Rs.700. According to me there was no
liquid damage of my mobile from my side. However the customer care
executive said me it can happen even by moisture present outside and
the warranty is null and void which surprised me a lot. Even the
customer care executive is suppose to show to the customer if there is
any damage (ie liquid damage ) which they have not shown me also. I
went to “TELE SOLUTION” and as a laymen I have to accept for paying
Rs 700 so that I get back my mobile in good condition. They informed
me that within 2 days I will be getting back my mobile and they will
be calling back. However even after 3-4 days when I didnot got the
call I myself called the “TELE SOLUTIONS” and the customer care
executive informed me that the mobile cannot be repaired because it
has severe liquid damage. It a matter of shame that a company like
Nokia has started cheating customers like this. After checking when
“TELE SOLUTIONS” informed me that I need to pay Rs.700 for the repair
and also got my acceptance for paying then again how can after a few
days they can say it cannot be repaired. It clearly indicates that the
mobile has suffered liquid damage in “TELE SOLUTIONS” by the their
executive only. It a matter of forgery as well as cheating. Moreover
if the liquid damage has happened from my part why the executive has
not shown the damage to me which clearly indicates that the mobile
suffered liquid damage in NOKIA CARE only and it is by their
executives. Please do the needful so that I get back my mobile in a
good condition otherwise. I have mailed them regarding the matter however they are not resolving the concern and is verbally communicating that to take back the mobile and it cannot be repaired and is of no use.The mobile has 1 year warranty as well as 1 year extended warranty also.Please help me out.

1). Device IMEI number : 358630049089651
2). Jobsheet number : 267504886/120521/53
3).Alternate Contact Number : 9477219848
4). City and State Name : Kolkata, West



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