Nokia care centers doing business and harassing people

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Nokia Evarest Mobicare

Today, I took it to Everest Mobicare, one of your authorized Nokia Priority service centres, after it developed a problem with its touch screen.[ Job Sheet no. – 418/15

After scrutinizing the set, Mr. Ranjan Kr. Das, a service support engineer of this service centre, stated that the set cannot be taken for repairs under warranty. When asked as to the reason, Mr. Das pointed out to an almost indiscernible scratch on the top right outer casing of the phone. He said that as a result of a physical damage sustained as evidenced by the scratch, the set cannot be admitted for repairs under manufacturer’s warranty policy.

While it is a fact that there is a scratch, it is also true that this was as a result of a minor graze with a wall, around 4-5 months earlier. That did not, however, pose any problem nor affect the performance of this phone in any way then and until recently.

Now that the phone has been showing signs of touch screen problem, Mr. Das has refused warranty cover citing that physical damage suffered almost 5 months ago. According to him, this problem that has now developed with the touch screen is an “after-effect” of that superficial and impercetible damage.

While I am no mobile technician nor a mobile repair expert, I do find it hard to accept such reasoning wherein an apparent “after-effect” of a very minor physical damage sustained near 5 months earlier is enough to cause problems with the touch screen functioning of a device which is often touted as being one of the best in class and marketed by a world leader in mobile phones today.

Mr. Das did not cite nor offer official sources where instances have been discussed or explained to understand this “after-effect” phenomenon. Research into publicly available sources also did not yield sufficient documents in support of his claim. However, it is quite possible that Nokia has made it abundantly clear to its authorized service partners / dealers / engineers not to easily admit claims under warranty and refuse under any pretext.

In view of the circumstances, it would be beneficial if Nokia makes clear its stand on this issue backed by credible sources and facts of the problem. I now look forward to an early reply from you.

With regards,
Mainak Das
Mobile: 9831397933

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