Location/place: BANGALORE

Complaint against Nokia Mobile:
I have purchased a ne Nokia Mobile Model– Asha 305 from Spice Hot Spot ( Mobile chain Store) from Malleswaram– Bangalore on 24.10.2012. With in a week the mobile suddenly mobile went black -On 02.11.2012 I have taken to Nokia Care office in Jayanagar –Bangalore. They have taken to repair room and after 15 mints they brought the Mother Board stating that it slightly bent so warranty is not applicable since it is a physical damage. I wonder a part inside the mobile is physically defective how a consumer is liable for the manufacturing defect, for which there is no answer. I asked them whether the mobile faulty is because of the defect. They informed that if I pay Rs 500/- as service charges they will ascertain the defect and for any spare parts the charges are extra. They have force able made me to sign the form to return my mobile back.
I have return a complaint to Nokia to solve the problem being it is a manufacturing defect—Srvice request No 1-13437555760 ..they have not respond to my mail
Since they is no favourable reply from them other than stating that there is a physical damage to the Mobile part so warranty is not applicable. Upto Now they are unable ascertain the defect of the instrument or any clarity to resolve the problem.

My prayer for the following
01.Refund of my money –Cost of the Mobile and to take back the mobile set. or
02.To get mobile rectified without any charge with extension of one year warranty and
03.Compensation of Rs 10,000/ for mental agony and time spending for their unnecessary time delay .

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