No water Supply in TDI City Kundli

Poor Water Supply & Maintenance at C Block, TDI City, Kundli

We started our living at C block of TDI City, Kundli about four months back and found very serious problem of water scarcity in this area. Recently in September , 2018 there was no water supply continuously for four days, Just imagine how to survive without water for so long, There is standard practice that when water comes it keep coming and when it is not then not. On complaint to TDI maintenance people we learned that many a time farmers in the area cut the water supplies result of that it is not reaching to TDI city area, Another shocking thing we learned from maintenance people that they claimed they were not given salary for last three months and they themselves are perturbed and is reason for not working properly, We were under impression that since TDI builders are charging huge amount in the name of maintenance from the area so they muist be giving good service but here situation is different even basic supply of water is not proper, On repeated complaints they send water tank but that was again gone next day. We hope TDI people would consider this very seriously and would find some permanent solution of problem, we saw water flowing in waste at many places within city and then there are places like our C block where there is no water, Ironically there is large over head water tank few yard from us and still we are struggling to get drops of water, Every time we complain it takes 2-3 days to get it corrected and now this time it is 4 th day, and surprisingly they refused to send water tank also saying that all tankers have gone to public assembly where Arvind Kejriwal is visiting today on 28 September, 2018,

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