No Status about My Car (i 20) after given for minor job reparing at Kothari Hyundia – Kharadi

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Hyundai

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Car (i20 MH 12 GK 8037) was given for some reparing and denting/painting job at Kothari Hyundai – Kharadi Pune on – 29-May-2012.

The job card was prepared on – 29-May-2012, since then I havent got any status call from Kothari Hyundai – Kharadi.

When Job Card was prepared, nothing was commited when the job will finish and car will be delivered.

At first Mr.Uday Chincholker (Service Head Manager) said that they will take car for reparing once they will finish with Insurance Claim for Denting and Painting job of my Car.
Since that day(29-May-2012) I havent got any call about my Car status (regarding Insurance Claim nor repairing job).

I regestered a complaint to Hyundai Customer Delhi office – (098-7356-4645) on 7th June 2012 at 10.00 am, my complaint was regestered and they said- we will get back to you.

With-in next 2 hours(same day) I got call from Kharadi Hyundai Services- Mr.Shashikant – (Mob. No.7798526484) who was looking after Insurance claim in Kothari office,
said we have got the details for the claim from company(HDFC). I asked him to mail me the details, mail was send to me at 6 pm (same day).
On 8 June 2012 10:00 am I spoke to Mr. Shahikant and said I am not willing to do denting & painting job as I can afford the expenses, futher I asked him please to deliver car for repairing work.
Same day after this call difference of (1:20 hrs) I got call from Mr. Webster(Servcie Engineer. Mob. No (9764441059) ) saying your car is ready. I asked about the details when you finished with
job of reparing he said he handled on 8,9,10,11th of May 2012- which was shocking to me as I gave car on 29-May-2012 and this fellow did job on 8,9,10,11th of May 2012- sounds horrible.
After some time same guy Mr. Webster gave a call and said he did reparing job on 29,30,31st of May 2012.

Looking into these conversations and the words given by Mr. Uday Chincholkar he was not suppose to touch the car for reparing job unless and until
they finish the Insurance Claim for Denting and Painting job.

When I asked Mr. Uday Chincholkar about how his service engineer touched/repaired car if you have strictly said you will be doing this job after Insurance claim, there was no answer , no reply at all.

I called customer care regional office Mumbai – spoke to Ms. Laxmi(022-40969037) about the whole scene. She said ll get back to you 🙁 after 1 hr.

Nothing was supportive – I had to make her call gain after 1:30 hr of difference and remind here that we spoke about issue and havent got any reply.

What things he is managing being a Manager of International Hyundai Motos Services at Kharadi ?

Till date (09 June 2012) I dont know about status of my Car.Whether it is in Kharadi Service center or they have RENTED it out or they have SOLD it.

A hopless service I am getting for International Hyundia Motors.

I Hope Consumer Court will surely try to check this big issue and get my car back in good condition.

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