No solution provided for 5 months

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Haier India


Details of the product:

Product: Semi Automatic Washing Machine
Capacity: 7 litres
Purchase Date: 12th April 2012
Warranty:12 months
Purchase Store: Great Eastern Electronics (BBD Bagh, Kolkata)

The drainage system of my semi automatic washing machine is not working. On complaint, it was said that the inside panel (**) was made of plastic and it is broken. (**Plastic items not covered under warantee). The complaint was given in September 2012 and consecutive complaints were made but the inner broken panel has not yet been replaced by the company and the branch service center says item not available at the service center. No action has been taken in the last 5 months and the complains were closed all the time without a proper solution without the knowledge of the complainant. Service center advised to call Mr Bikram Halder to get a potential solution, but the same person was arrogant, neglect and unresponsive on calls. 2nd person as advised by service center was Mr. Srikanta Chatterjee, and the result was same. No response.

Both the company service center and the store are bouncing the authority to get any solution on each other, on the other hand a solution for such a problem is coming from neither of the two parties and the customer is suffering for the past 5 months.

Since the company is least bothered to offer its customers a decent service and a proper feedback on the same, I would request the company to kindly take back the product (Semi- Automatic Washing Machine) and refund the full amount or replace the machine with a new one.

**Note: The damage in the inside panel was not due to negligence from the customer side. The panel was of low quality as a result of which it broke off. We as a customer are least bothered if the company makes the inside panel out of rubber, plastic or gold-silver metals. Since, there was no mishandling with the machine from the customer side for the panel broken, then why should the customer bear the expenses of repair or the damages and the mental harassment from the service center too.


Rizwan Mohammad

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Md. Rizwan
+91- 8274858545
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