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Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Whirlpool


I would like to inform you about the worst customer relationship that I have been getting since I purchased my refrigerator WHIRLPOOL PROTTON 450 DLX.

I got this refrigerator in March 2012 and after getting this at my home I found some issue with the Freezer door. I showed this to the guy who came and gave the demo to me.

He assured me that it will be resolved, and also asked me to rise a complaint with customer care regarding this.
I did the same but no action was taken on this for a week. I then called on the customer care number again and raised a high priority issue to which she said that it will be resolved within a day. This time also it took week for any guy to come and visit and atleast have a look at the issue and said that the door needs to be replaced which will be done within a week.

Third time when I called back the support that picked the phone said that the same thing. Then I asked her how do you work on the issue raised by the customer? No one is listening to the case and there is no response from your end also. I was shocked to hear what she replied to me. She said that the issue automatically gets CLOSED after some day so I have to raise another ticket for this.

I was under impression that the WHIRLPOOL is a MULTINATIONAL company for whom customer care is the first priority. Is this the way you are providing the customer support? I am very sorry to say that YOU people are not at all a multinational brand. You are dealing like a local vendor whose aim is to just push off the product to the customer and that’s all. How can you ever think I will ever buy any other product of this brand? Do you really think that I will ever give a positive recommendation to anybody else to go for brand WHIRLPOOL.

For your kind information your customer support gave me the number of the person who is responsible for the support in my area. The name of the guy is PRASHANT from GNET service and the number is 9158888586. This guy is also fooling me every time I make a call to him. Whenever I call he says either that the issue will be resolved or the he will come back to me after some time. I am still waiting for that time.

You can verify from your details registered by me. There will be atleast 5 tickets registered by me and atleast 10 times I have called this guy PRASHANT from GNET services. Each time to register a complaint you have to give your phone number. Just have a look at the number of issues opened against the number 9766177377 and see the remedial steps taken against that.

You can know my level my frustration for past 2 months. A refrigerator costing more than 45000/- and this is the service I am getting. I think now that my entire money has gone waste.

If you cannot provide a service you simply say NO I will not be following up you guys. I have wasted at least 30-40/-Rs in just making a call to your customer support and your service center for raising the issue.


I also wanted to escalate this issue to the top level management so that they can also see that what you guys are actually doing against what you say and convey to the top management that what you do. Here also I would say that you people are good enough not to display the emails of higher authorities so that the matter will remain hidden from them.

Just looking forward to see what is your next step after getting this written complaint as a mail.

After few communication with the Area manager they agreed now that they cannot provide the service gto this and then they are asking me to upgrade the freedge to their next version after paying difference of price or tane the money back.

I dont want both the option. I just want service to be provided to me.

If there is a product in the market you cannot say that this is no longer supported. This message should have been conveyed to me at the time of purchase but at that time they provided me the full service and even extended Warrenty to me

So as of now I want them to provide me the service or send the new refrigerator their next version without any extra payment


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