no service of dth from seven days

Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: Airtel DTH

Airtel DTH Customer id:3001313050
1st complain on 19.06.2012
2nd complain done on 22.06.2012
3rd complain on:22.06.2012 vide complain no.20055085.
4th complain no.20077523dt:23.06.2012
5th complain no.20113566 dt24.06.2012
6th compain no.30131695 dt:25.06.2012
7th compain no.20133867 dt:25.06.2012
no response till now. complain subject is error code 14which says wrong view card in set box. engineer does not visit. and i recd wrong promises everytime i call customer care. i want to drag them to court because they are liars and want them to pay my expenses for the time which i lost to get across them.

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