No service-Hyped credit card statement

I had been issued a credit card from IDBI bank with a limit of Rs.60000 for which I never received the statement on time and was charged late payment fees every time. Also, I would never receive an SMS alert from them. I had raised this issue number of times but with no result. Frustrated by this I requested one to waive my late payment fee which they did not do and as I was not getting the proper payment I informed them to block my card so that I will make the full payment provided they agree to waive off my late payment fee. Further, due to my address change from correspondence to permanent address this thing was happening. But, I called the customer care number of times to change the same but they would request to go to the home branch that is Baroda. I tried visiting other branches in Mumbai but they would say the same.

They have been sending me new statements after all this issue on my other email id. The statement amount is increasing day by day. I have requested them that I am still ready to pay the complete used amount with some reasonable charges but they are sending me an amount of Rs. 70,0000 which is more than 3 times my actual amount used.

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