No service from LG

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: LG

May 20 – Complaint number – RNA120520089168

My first complaint was for doing wet service since I have a maintenance plan for 3 years. Got all calls to my landline. I was at office and so couldn’t attend. I’d provided my mobile number also but no one called there. I could attend only one call on May 25. Told the service engineer that I was about to leave to office and asked him to come on Saturday or Sunday. He said he’ll come but never turned up. After that, nothing.

Jun 6 – Complaint Number – RNA120606050998

The AC stopped working on June 4 around noon. Display works, but neither the compressor nor the fan runs. I called customer service 18001809999. They took the complaint and said it will be attended to in 24 hours. No response. Called again on Jun 6 morning. Told the whole history. The customer care executive says the request was not taken up due to some technical reasons. Registers a new complaint with the above number. I ask her for the local LG service center number, which she gives as 044-64540910. Called them but no response. Kept calling them and finally got them. They say an engineer will come within 24 hours.

It is 9:25 pm on Jun 8 as i write this. No one has come till now. No calls either.

Would like to know what’s happening at LG India? Is this how they treat all their customers?

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