No service for a faulty part of the phone in Guwahati

Location/place: GUWAHATI

Name of company/service: BlackBerry phones ( Research in Motion )

Dear Sir ,

I had purchased a Blackberry 8520 ( IMEI no. 357559042355374 ) on 1st Sep 2011.

Now its 9th month of running for the mobile set and last month onwards I have observed that the rubber part of the body of the phone is getting worn out part by part .

I had gone to the service outlet of BlackBerry in Guwahati ( Lachit Nagar ) to rectify the problem but they told me that this doe not fall in warranty and this need to done in only Bangalore or Mumbai where you have your service centres.

My mobile is a necessisity for my day to day activity and I cannot spare the phone for more than a month in service centre for such a small and less critical service work like changing the rubber strap.

Please help in this regard.If that is the case for a R.9600/- set than the company should replace me the same or else get it serviced in Guwahati itself without any delay.

Biswajit Mojumdar

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