No Service against valid request

Location/place: Navi Mumbai

Name of company/service: Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd

I have given an Account closure request to Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. Vashi- Navi mumbai Branch on 31-03-2012.(CRN No. 15062690) After repeated follow ups and calls only from my end NO Action has been taken till 17-07-2012!!! So after 3.5 months I have still got a response that the closure request is “UNDER PROCESS,” what better agony than to keep the customer on hold for minimum 30-40 mins each time I call the customer care. The request no. 2611176655 dated 31/3/2012 and complaint no. 1-1973640351 dated 20-06-2012, still arent serviced.
Worst was same problem faced 2 years back when i had given closure request for my another account – which still remains open with debit balance due to accumulated charges.My request was not processed that time too and now its a repeat of nightmare.

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