No resolution on a branded spectacle frame which is under warranty

Location/place: Dadar, Mumbai

Name of company/service: GKB Opticals

I had purchased a Porsche Design spectacle frame from GKB Opticals in January 2012. The frame came with a lifetime warranty. Recently the frame broke in 2 pieces from one of the corner of the glass rim. I have given the frame back to GKB Opticals on 30th May 2013. I had been told that they would revert back to me in a matter of 2 days. When I called back after 2 days, they said they would answer after 2 days. Again when I called them after 2 days, they said they would take another week to get the response. Today when I have called them again, they still have got on response and say that unless they get any revert from the parent company they cannot reply. My question is that isn’t GKB Opticals responsible to ensure me an appropriate update and resolve my problem as it is they who have sold the product to me and not the parent company of the spectacle frame. Kindly help.

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