no reissue of the mobile

Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: Karbonn mobile company

Hello Sir/Madam,
My name is Natasha Naik.i had purchased Karbonn A3 mobile from star cj.i recieved the product on 6/5/2013.I could hardly use it for a week and had to submit it at the Karbonn mobile service center after which the condition of the phone was worst and it is completely blank now….the service center manager shivkumar had promised me to issue A DOA certificate so that a new mobile could be issued but then he refused to saying that that the doa can be issued within 7 days.but it was within 7 days that i had reported the fault .I dont want the mobile repaired as it is a faulty piece….I have lodged several complaints with star cj and they have done a lot of follow up wih Karbonn mobiles head(sanjay mali and kishan shetty) but they are denying to give me a DOA certificate.that doa certificate needs to be submited to star cj so that they can issue me a new moble in place of this faulty piece….but the Karbonn mobile representative are giving me excuses that i am not eligible for a doa certificate and that star cj should issue me a DOA certificate….star cj’s complaints dept is giving me an explanation that DOA certificate is always issued by the mobile brand and not them.they have also sent an official email to the Karbonn mobile head sanjay mali to issue me a doa certificate but sanjay hasnt bothered to revert back to the mail……Its been more than a month now and i am fed up of calling and making complaints to star cj….and today 10/06/2013,the Karbonn mobile head Kishan asked me to submit the entire kit at Infinity Care(Karbonn mobile service center at borivali-west).they will then see what can be done about this but he rudely told me that he will not issue a doa certificate and i will have to get the product repaired again….he asked me to get the job sheet from the service center…when i reached the service center,the manager,shivkumar was very rude in his behaviour and asked me to come after 2 days as the renovation work was going on.
Dear sir/madam,I am stuck between star cj and karbonn mobile and suffering a lot. karbonn mobiles heads have been very rude and inhuman towards my issue.they are not willing to help me with this.Its not only me but many customers who are facing the same issues with Karbonn A3 mobile .So thier piece itself is faulty and inconvenient ……Kindly help me in getting a better version of mobile from Karbonn or my money back….i tried to send you a snap shot of the conversations i had with star cj and they had with Karbonn mobiles but the file format is not supported so if you can provide me an email address,I can mail the entire conversation to you.
Waiting for your response,
Natasha Naik

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