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I had made a booking for my In-laws, very old people (90+ & 70+) through Makemytrip, for their travel between Chennai & Delhi, to & fro (Booking ID-NF22995144443550) using my wife’s ID. I wanted to cancel and re-book the return ticket and since i could not get proper support from make my trip for the same, i had to call the airline , Go Indigo directly and they helped me with the cancellation and re-booking. While cancellation i was told by the airlines that the charges for the flight on the re-booking date will be applicable and that complete refund for the cancelled ticket will be made back to my account through make my trip. I have received the cancellation confirmation and the re-booking confirmation, but it has been 8 days and i have not received the refund as told by the airline. When i called the airlines, they confirmed to me that the refund amount for the cancelled ticket has already been forwarded to Make my trip and that i should call them. The make my trip support system is such a failure that i do not get to speak to an agent, it is only a computer operated voice system and i’m afraid i have lost the entire refund amount. It is very unfortunate that this is the second time that such a thing of no-refund received has happened with me through Make My Trip. It was a few years ago. I made a mistake to have opted Make my trip for my booking, i never will repeat the mistake, but i want my refund. All of this is hard earned money, this time i don’t want to let it go.

The booking details are
Booking ID – NF22995144443550
Cancelled ticket – DEL – MAA , 11th Aug / 6E2128
Cancelled ticket charges – Rs.7654/-
Booking made on – 11th June 2018
Cancellation date – 11th June 2018
Cancellation confirmation (from Indigo Airlines ) – 11th June (Booking Refernce-THZGTD)
Rebooking confirmation date (from Indigo Airlines ) – 11th June 2018
Re-booking flight charges (from Indigo Airlines ) – RS.8552/-
Re-Booking reference (from Indigo Airlines ) – YFGF4G

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