No refund of money by travel agency on cancellation of tour by the company itself.

Location/place: Kolakata

Name of company/service: E-che, 109/19, Hazra Road, Kolkata-700026

Four of us hired E-che travel agency for a tour to Shimla scheduled on 8th June, 2013. They took Rs. 10,000 each (Rs. 40,000 in total) long time before the scheduled date giving a brochure and finalizing the date saying that they had another party that would join us in the tour. But on 7th June, 2013, we received a call from the company saying that the other party who were to have the tour with us were unable to go. We asked for a refund of the money we paid. They said that they would take us to the tour at anytime in a year. But we do not have the time to go for another tour in the coming year. So, they replied that they have a brochure which read that they do not refund for cancellation. I read their brochure and it was written “But due to any unavoidable circumstances like natural calamity, strike and political disturbance, if the tour is cancelled, passengers have to pay 20% of tour price as compensations”. And this cancellation was not due to any of the above causes but due to the cancellation caused by the company itself. Still they would not refund the money to us.
We would to like to have a refund of the huge sum we paid to the company. Please help us and by taking steps against the company. Thanking you in anticipation.

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