no refund generated from goibibo though airlines was giving the refund and also mistake was of goibibo

On 30th June(9:30PM) I searched in goibibo’s app for an early morning flight from Delhi to Kolkata for 1st I was going to do a flight booking which is after 3-4 hours from then.So I was in hurry and selected the cheapest early morning flight and done the flight bookin of 2:30AM.After doing the payment I found out that It’s not 1st July’s flight but it’s a 2nd July flight and Goibibo was showing me 2nd july’s flight when I was searching for 1st July’s flight.I have contacted airline just after 10 mins of booking(Jet Airways) and they have said that it’s not from our website so they can’t do anything or else they could have done full refund.I have contacted Goibibo that why it’s showing 2nd july’s flight as I haven’t search for it.They didn’t had any answer and told me they can do a full refund and since yesterday night We had a long email chain and they decided not to refund me back for their mistake and Also Jet airways as ready to do full refund if it would have been from their website as I have contacted instantly.
Please take some serious action against goibibo and process my full refund regarding this ticket as I never searched for that date and didn’t wanted that flight and also haven’t boarded that flight.My PNR:UUDAOI
My Ticket no:5892681747864(Delhi to Kolkata Jet Airways 9W-963)
Travel date: 2nd July was booking though I have searched flight for 1st July.

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