No proper response from the Company

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: LG Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Sir,
This is inform you that I have a LG Fridge model no. GL-308VE5 having s/no.102NRGF008591 from the local dealer. On 9th July, dealer lodged a complaints that consumer fridge is not working properly i.e. No Cooling at all. After several reminder and cross the dead limit of 24 hours they have attended my call on 11th July at 4.30 PM. and said that fridge gas line is cut off due to that fridge is not cooling and it will take time for 15-20 days.As they come on third day i have already wastage a lot of foods and medicine that is store in the fridge. I have incurred a good amount of loss and how can i next 15 days operate my day to-day routine jobs. So i requested you to lodge a complain against the company and charge a compensation of Rs.1,00,000/- against the Company.
Jitendra Kumar Kochar
Akasdeep Apartment
Flat No.401
493B/3, G.T.Road(S),
email: [email protected]
Please let me inform the position of my complain.

Awaiting reply from your end.

Jitendra Kumar Kochar

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