No proper maintenance

Location/place: Govindapura

Name of company/service: Creset hormony appartment

Dear Consumer forum,

I am Citizen of India and i am paying tax to government and i comply with each and every policy which is bought to my notice from government of India. I am living in an apartment, Which is locate in govindapura.

Every day i am harassed from the associated members to follow their policy and thou i am paying the maintenance money, there is not standard rules and they are not supplying water and even the security guard miss behaves with us and the blame is put on us when we complain this to the association and ask for our right they threaten us asking to vacate the house immediately. sir we regularly pay the rent to our landlord and even the landlord does not support us and every 2 to 3 month they increase the maintenance money and when we question them about the hike in maintenance they ask as to vacate the house, i am making this complain on association members and on our landlord, and even our landlord increase the rent by 20 percent every year. and the maintenance money that i am paying for flat is rs 2000 for 1000 sqft. the associate people or not justifying the charges and they are not showing any proof that why and were they are spending this money. before a week I told them that i will complain this to consumer court and now they started supplying water but still there are lot of lop holes and problems created from association members, we were promised that we get 24 hrs water and two security guard in the night and day but there is only one guard and they dont turn on the generator when there is no power and i stay in 4th floor and my mom is to old to clime the stairs please please please take this complain seriously and set some standard rules to this association and to our landlord, i am an Indian and completely trust my god and my Indian government will take action on this and help to find a solution to my problem

Address of the apartment

Crescent harmony apartment 1st cross, apj abdul kalam road, nagwara post 560045

My phone number 9901355008,

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