No proper dealling & cheating in online shopping

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This is regarding my order no – 601060087 dated – 13-June-12 time – 13:34:12, which was suppose to deliver on 20th june but I got the message that it will get delivered by 23rd june but I didn’t received on 23rd too..

and after few days when I called at snapdeal 24*7 callcenter number (01145371100) Mr. Pradeep Tripathi (Agent) has replied me that courier guy came but I was not there..Here my concern is that when I was not aware the delivery time how can I be there , I cant sit at the place for whole day for receiving the order..Now your callcenter is saying me to contact to the courier blue dart for getting my order also saying that if you are not calling us in 48hrs your order is getting roll backed..
This day I registered My Complaint no – 698619 at their callcenter (01145371100). also wrote a mail to mr rishabh jain on the same day but didn’t got timely response. got the same reply from rishabh jain after putting reminders to them. I have the console interaction mail with them. After few day again I called at their call center & that day again I had the same discussion with Mr tarikh khan & at last he has given me the commitment that he is going to delivery me the same product once its back to them from courier which was suppose to on 2nd july, again i was waiting but didn’t got the product delivery. On 7th july again i called at their same call center but this time mr ravi has refused the request & said the product is not available with us so we are not going to deliver it to you..

This was my first interaction with your organization & believe me the pathetic experience I have..
I am only looking to correct their delivery process & complaining against their behavior & treatment to customers. Also want to highlight that they are unnecessary showing the discounts on product to marketing about the snapdeal & what they are showing not delivering to the customers.
Need corrective action & my product delivery asap. thanks..

Rajeev Sharma Indore 9893549727

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