No product delivery/Horrible Customer Service

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Indiatimes Shopping

I bought HTC One V handset from this site but it was never delivered in spite of calling several times. Every time I would call I would be told that handset would be delivered within 2 days but nothing was ever delivered.

After approx 15 days I called the customer service once again to cancel the order, an agent who gave her name as ‘Reena’ told me that my complaint was being processed and it would take 12 working days for me receive an answer!!! In response to request to cancel order she told me it took them 6 working days to cancel the order!!!

I was totally shocked at these SLA’s but as the agent was being totally unhelpful, I asked to speak to a supervisor. That’s when my real order began, if I wasn’t having a hard time already!

The agent would not transfer call, kept putting me on hold but come back every time with supervisor is busy and they would tell you same thing as I have told you. But when I kept insisting on talking to the supervisor, she came back and told me now my order was cancelled!!! When I asked what happened to their 6 day cancellation SLA and how could I be sure my money would be refunded within 2 days as she was now promising me, she did not have any answer. She would not give me any further information I asked for supervisor once again and the agent suddenly hung up on me!!!

I was bit ticked off and called back once again to and got through to an agent who gave his name as ‘Ravi Ranjan Kumar’. I hoped this agent would be different and put me through to a supervisor but I was in for a rude shock. This agent at first tried to pretend that he was calling a supervisor but came back himself. When I recognized his voice and asked for supervisor he kept asking for previous agent’s name and told me that he would not transfer me to a supervisor and that I should hang up and not bother calling them!!! and when I refused to hang up, he hung up on me!!!

WOW, that’s one crappy piece of customer service from one of the so called better known names in Indian online market. Not only do they not deliver product even after taking your money, nor do they care to respond to your complaints, in fact their agents would not evene let you speak and repeatedly keep cutting you off. Seems they provide great training to their agents to harass and offend customers and not be helpful at all. And their agent go an extra mile to achieve this customer dis-service. In fact when I asked one of the agent if they thought they could survive in today’s marketplace against likes of Flipkart and was told, and I quote, “Of Course”.

I am now waiting for my refund and if I don’t get it in ‘promised’ 2 days I am contemplating approaching consumer court.

My request to anyone reading this post is to stay away from Indiatimes Shopping and shatter their misconception that their can treat customers like dirt and still survive!!!


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