No product delivery on time

Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: Dish TV

I purchased online connection from Dish TV on 03/11/2012 (ORDER ID-172894) and i was notified that wihtin 5 working days the product will b delivered and the connection will b installed. But till now nothing has been done and no action has been taken. I called there customer care so many times and they always say that we have forwarded the complaint to the concerned dept. and connection will b installed within 24 hrs. But no one is turning up with the proper resolution. This is final step now that I could do from my end and I m seriously looking for a proper action from your side. Please help me. I have all the E-mails and complaints that I have sent to them regarding this issue.
I want my connection to be installed immediately and they need to write an apology to me for the delay and they need to compensate me with the better offer for their stupidity now or else refund my money with the interest.

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