No network connection in the whole city(Trivandrum)

Location/place: Kerala, Trivandrum

Name of company/service: DOCOMO

There is no network connection in the whole city(Trivandrum). No one is able to access the network.

I lost most valuable customers call and it ruined my career and my reputation. As the client can’t able to contact me they raise issues and blocked the payment.
As a result i am facing a serious issue to loose my job.

And if it is due to the 2G spectrum case, then for that i had already contacted the customer care and they told me there is no issue in there network connections in kerala.
Every other providers who are effected by this problem they accepted it and they had not at least cheated there customers by telling that they will still be in market.

Tata docomo cheating customers of kerala by providing wrong information.

Mob docomo: 808 998 64 60
Bsnl: 94 96 36 56 80

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