No internet in two weeks

Location/place: Pimple Saudagar, Pune

Name of company/service: Reliance Broadband

This my complaint regarding a new Reliance Broadband connection, for which I have submitted all the desired documnets and deposited a cheque of Rs 2,600. It has been two weeks since then, but there is no internet in my home. My CAF no. for the same is: 13000700583995
The concerned guy (Vijay/Rohit) doesn’t answer his phone. After repeatedly calling, if they pick it up, they say, “it will be done today.”. This is their answer everytime (if I get an answer). When I call Reliance customer care, they take all my details, and just say, “Thank you for calling Reliance Customer Care.”, and the line is cut.
Already the cheque amount has been debited from my account, but no service has been provided whatsoever. This is a shameful service by Reliance.

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