No delivery of news paper even after repeated complaints

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Post Noon

I got a 6 month subscription of post noon newspaper on 5/3/12. I was promised that newspaper delivery would start from 6/3/12 itself. I waited till 10/3 but did not receive a single copy of news paper. I registered a complaint regarding the same and they made a promise that regular delivery would start from 16/3 and I would start getting complimentary copies from 11/3 itself.
Neither I received the complimentary copies nor the regular delivery started till 18/3.
I got totally frustrated and registered another complaint and somehow the news paper delivery started from 19/3. I was relieved as they promised that there would be no more issues from now on.
But, the newspaper delivery got discontinued on 24/3 and they stopped responding to my complaints after that.
I want the compensation for the troubles caused to me.
I wasted around 50 INR in making call and registering complaints and the cost of subscription was 200 INR.

– Rajesh

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