NIIT unnecessarily keeping my money

Location/place: New Delhi, India

Name of company/service: NIIT

I was pursuing GNIIT from NIIT South Ex., New Delhi. After completing three semesters, I took break but submitted twenty five thousand for fourth semester. Also I didn’t joined any batch. Due to some problems I couldn’t continue the course and asked the technical head to degrade the course and return my money. She said that you should continue. I told her that I have other priorities and cannot continue. She asked me to come on 15th next month. I was running after her for months and months. Finally she told me that your SOL has expired which means your file is closed, however we can reopen your account but either you continue or not, we won’t return your fee. I don’t know why they are keeping my money for the services that I have not taken. Please help someone.

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