New Gas Connection Refused

Location/place: Ulhasnagar

Name of company/service: Ulhasnagar Gas Services, Ulhasnagar-3.

This is Sunil Paryani from Ulhasnagar.
This matter refers to new gas connection.
On 23rd june,2012 i along with my elder brother went to ulhasnagar gas services,Ulhasnagar-3,
to book new connection, there the concerned person told us to give copy of ration card and PAN CARD
then he checked the ration card on that there was a remark of “2 Cylinders” along the “OGB”
word written alongwith it.
at the time of issue of ration card i was told that word “OGB” means i am using other persons
gas so i will not find any difficulty while applying for new gas connection.
but here the dealer seems to be not interested in listening to this he is simply refusing.
This is nothing but harrassing the innocent customers by citing absurd rules and regulations.
I can give you 100 examples where multiple gas connections have been issued on the same address and
on the same ration card !
when the genuine customer like me wants to apply for new connection we get this type of treatment !
this is disgusting !! shocking !!!
I didnt expect this from the company of your stature ?
I request you kindly look into the matter and do the needful at the earliest.

Please refer to my earlier mail reg.the dealer refusing new gas connection !
In that context I would like to state few things :

1.the state govt. has issued an ordinance that Ration Card will not be considered
for address proof.
2. Whenever the customer gets new gas connection the supplying company puts a
Stamp on his ration card.

Coming back to my case : at first dealer insisted me to bring only ration card as proof of address
(although it is clearly mentioned on your website any of the mentioned documents can be produced as address proof not necessarily ration card ) secondly on my ration card there is no such stamp stating “Gas Booked”
there is a mention of 2 cylinders along with a word “OGB” (it is clarified by Rationing Officer that it indicates I am using other persons Gas) so whenever I want new gas connection I will be able to get it without any difficulty.
So considering above, all the things are in my favour in spite of that I have been refused connection ?

Now most important and most shocking information I want to give you is that the person at Ulhasnagar Gas Services, Ulhasnagar-3, has told me that if I really need connection I should submit an “Affidavit” stating that I have no ration card ! at this point I pretended to be naïve, I asked him if I give affidavit will I get the connection without any other document he said “Yes”.
Though I could have got my connection by submitting an “Affidavit” as instructed by the dealer, but I don’t want to do that, as I want to go thru proper channel since I have a valid ration card and I want to get it thru that only !

Here is the most debatable thing is what is the use of various guidelines, rules and regulations laid down by your company which are openly and regularly being ignored by the dealers, by putting goodwill of the company at stake ?

If by submitting an “affidavit” one gets new connection, then any person can get any number of connections by giving various dummy addresses ! how much an “affidavit” cost ! I don’t think I need to tell you.

If you so desire, I can even send you the scanned copy of my ration card, for your kind consideration.

I have given all the related and required information to you.

I expect prompt reply and necessary co-operation from you.

Sunil Paryani
0251 2570083

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