Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: HDFC Bank

I would like to make a SERIOUS complaint against the HDFC Bank – Veer
Sarvarkar Marg, Prabhadevi Branch.

I am a PRIVILEDGE BANKING customer of the bank since 5 years now.

I have been following up with the branch since JANUARY 12, 2013
regarding opening another account under my EXISTING customer ID. I
have since then followed up several times with the Relationship
personnel handing this query – Mr. Tejas Ambilwade. He assured me
every time repeatedly that the account would be opened shortly.

However, when I did not get any response after much trying, i went to
the branch in MARCH and met with the Branch Manager. He said that the
matter would be resolved in the following week and he would call me
personally. Do note that I had provided all the proofs asked of me.

Thereafter, I followed up on my application today – on APRIL 16th,
2013, and Mr. Tejas assured me that it would be processed within today
and that I should hold off escalating the matter.

Thereafter, he came this evening and RETURNED the entire application –
application form and the proofs i had submitted in JANUARY with a
cursory letter signed by him himself.

I want to understand how the bank can treat customers like this! This
is a serious breach of basic processes.

There has been a three month delay in opening a simple account for an
existing PRIVILEDGE banking customer. There has been NO feedback of
any kind from the bank’s executives – including the relationship
personnel and the branch manager and thereafter, the application is
simply returned after three months of a harrowing time and effort of
following up!

I would expect this matter to be examined and looked up in detail and
an explanation provided as to why and how such carelessness has been
permitted by HDFC BANK.

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