Never serviced, Still charged, neither reversed not heard.

Location/place: Indore

Name of company/service: Airtel Telemedia Services (Landline/DSL)

Dear Sir,

[B]Claim for Humiliation, Deficiency of Services, Mental & financial Abuse.[/B]

I hold a DSL/LL Conxn of Airtel (0731-4032799) A/C #13988424. I have had many complaints regarding the QOS and have reached their Nodal Officers quite a few times and have got that resolved to satifaction at times. However, it now different altogether!
On 27th Aug 2011 I have file a complaint of dead phone to which the technician visited and tried fixing, however he fixed my parallel line which i sparingly use. When I insisted to correct the frequently used line, he suggested to visit again day after and do the needful. He didn’t turned up for the next 3 days, when i reached 198 i was told by the CCExec that it is resolved from our end. When I asked to reopen he gave me a new reference# and said it will be resolved with in next few days. One fine day even that line stopped functioning. After no response of my repeated reminder calls, even after submitting it to Nodal Officer, CCExec responded its on High Priority and we are working on it. One fine day even that line stopped functioning. At point of times i got a few SMSes(No Calls) from Airtel stating my reference # to be expecting it being resolved to my satisfaction(without any action), when i reached 198 Executives apologized for inconvenience and said to have recorded my request to call & confirm if its resolved. However sadly even now they are not acting on it.
The same complaint was forwarded to Appellate authority, got a beautiful acknowledgement but no action. However, received the Bills regularly & calls from collection/recovery agents. The complaint opened on 27th August was resolved only by around 18-20th September 2-11. The bills sent by them however included full rental with service charge and a late fees as well. When the same was reported back, one executive called my LL (Not mobile) and said to have waived off Rs82/-(Late Fees of Rs 75/-+ST). Now they have barred the services stating the Bill is overdue (however, the issues pertaining are still open). Upon my call to unbar the same they asked to pay Rs 1200/-(Total amount due being stated as more than Rs 1800/-), without with nothing can be done!

PFA the copy of complaints to Nodal Officers/Appellate Authority.(as .txt)

Thanks & Regards
Manish Mudotiya

airtel-complaint.txt (7 KB)

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