never hire services of writer corporation

Never hire services of Writer Corporation

Dear all,
This is an effort to make others aware of how poor are the services rendered by the writer corporation.

I am a post graduate from Indian Institute of Technology & working with one the best corporate houses in India. Whatever bad experience I am sharing is just to save others from falling a prey to such a cheat. I can produce emails which were exchanged between me & writer corporation to support the authenticity of the statements I am going to make below.

Writer Corporation boasts of state of the art relocation facilities across the globe but the reality is totally on the other side. They charge quite heavily but services provided are quite below the standards. I have suffered very badly after hiring the services of Writer Corporation while relocating my household items & my car. The car was very severely damaged during the transit. When I received my car, the AC, wipers, stereo were not working , tint on the glass was found scratched, door settings were totally disturbed, the gears were pretty hard, dent on the bonnet etc. I figured these out & got them repaired through Writer Corporation. But these problems were just the tip of an iceberg.

Recently, I have found that the body towards the driver door had a very severe damage which was repaired on the temporary basis just to keep the misdeed un-noticed.It was a big blow for me as my car has been a single handed car, quite well maintained & is quite new(took it in 2009). I didn’t meet any accident so it was quite clear that the damage was done by the writer corporation during the transit. The car must have fallen from the trailer while loading/unloading.
Now when I am complaining to them, they are not willing to accept it because 10 months have passed since relocation exercise. I even expressed willingness to give them in writing on any legal document that I have not done the damage of any kind to my car in these 10 months anyhow but still they didn’t entertain my case.
Very soon, I will be sending them a legal notice & stretch my fight for the justice.

I hereby caution all the innocent “would be” customers that they can be the next victim of Writer Corporation.

If someone is very particular about quality packing & moving, I suggest trying one of the following:
• raffles packers & movers
• allied lemuir packers & movers
• crown relocation
All these are other leading packers & movers.

The best way to teach a lesson to cheat like Writer Corporation is to create awareness among the consumers & request them for never hiring services of Writer Corporation. I am sure people who love their car will understand the pain I have been through & will not think of this article as an attempt of personal revenge against Writer Corporation.

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