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I’m using your services from 2 years. Recently I have moved to Jaipur. Here I was facing speed issue!!
Airtel people says that india’s fastest network. Where is the speed?I can get only 10kbps is this a 4G speed.I have raised a complaint about network issue. One day I got a call from Airtel service engineer. He says ” we have an issue with our existing tower and we are working to fix this issue, I don’t know how long it will take to resolve it” I was shocked! The service engineer it self don’t know how much time it takes to resolve. 😏
1 the ivr takes 8 minutes to connect the agent.2 agent doesn’t allow us to speak.3 support staff they are behaving like a idiots. Especially the supervisor abhishek, he don’t how to speak with customers.I was wondering how this guy got a job in your company.4 late payments.If we missed to make the payments on time you guys will charge late payment fee. Now tell me without using your services. Why we need to make the payment?Same question I have asked to agents, he said” unused data will carry forward to next month.” in a rude manner he give me this reply.I have asked him to transfer to next level. Abhishek said I’m only last point of contact to speak. If you have any issues drop a mail.Is the way to speak with customer?I have all the records .I have posted in their Facebook pages about the issue as they were not responding to my problem. They just blocked my account. Yesterday they suspended my line due to non payment. I just wanted to know without using their services why I need to make payment, from past 4 months I’m paying the bill and if I missed one day, they are charging me penalty .Since yesterday morning the services were not working on my device and today early morning they blocked my number due to non payment. Due to this Issues it lossed by business, I was away from my family and not able to connect them. This caused me mental harassment and tensions.I just wanted to go to any extent for justice and I request you to please provide me justice. My last hope is consumer forum.. Money does not matters but the pain and the service they provided me even after paying the bill that caused me a lot of Loss. I purely hope you people will solve my problem. My contact details are Suspended number 8374911211 (Number is off due to the issue )Alternative friends number are 9963691211/9030403907. Looking forward for your Valuable response at the earliest.

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