Network issue.

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Reliance GSM

I was a Reliance CDMA(9321049076) subscriber for last 2.5 years.Due to the LG handset problem i was to convert 2 GSM.On April 2011 i converted to GSM.When i am using my phone in my room,i am getting full coverage for CDMA but one or two points or points are fluctuating coverage for GSM.I tried putting sim card in different mobile but result looks same.So i raised a complaint in reliance customer care on April 19th 2011.They said they transfered to net work team and given 3 days 1 week time frame every time when we contacted them.Finally we fed up and we given complaint to Nodal Officer on May 1st week.Result was same as like customer care.We are really in trouble,what need to do next.My wife is using this phone and i am not able to contact her from my office due to this problem.Due to this issue i didnt pay the bill they disconnected my connection.We promise them that once you clear the issue we are ready for the payment.They are forcing to pay the bill amount.Reliance person came here 2-3 times and they force us to pay the bill.Finally reliance send a network engineer to check the GSM coverage to our place after a one month long battle with Reliance.They confirmed that there is a network coverage issue inside the room for GSM and they gone to tower and done something. But the result got same. we raised this complaint on April 19th. They said some interesting points which is really fun to hear.1.Tower is far away from the place(But CDMA is getting full coverage).2.Our complex have 6-7 stores(Almost every mobile providers full coverage is available inside room).3.Maximum we can provide 2-4 points to us(Our demand is the full coverage bcoz all the providers are giving this facility).4.Communication coming properly and there is no need of full coverage(I tried this and i got so much break in the voice).5.They are so much eager to close the case and they were so much hurry to go from our place.6.We got a promise from a senior reliance person 2 days back that we will activate the service ASAP due to the issue u r facing(we decided not to pay the bill until this issue is solved).
Final thing is that why reliance is selling the GSM if this much issue is left. Even reliance engineer accepted that
How long we can wait for this

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