Negligence in servicing Santro car

Location/place: Solapur

Name of company/service: Krishna Hyundai Korba

This is with reference to servicing of my Santro car DL 7CA 9150 carried out at Krishna Hyundai Korba Chhattisgarh.

Car Servicing – 05/03/2012 for AC not working & wheel alignment at Korba. Payment – Rs.14820/- vide bill B201200914. Again car servicing for AC not working and GENERAL CHECK UP 18/04/2012 . Payment Rs.9588/- vide bill B201201499 which includes Rs.200/- on account of general check up. Requested service persons for thorough check on 16/04/12,since car to be driven to SOLAPUR 1200 Kms away . M/s Krishna Hyundai while handing over the car on 19/04/12, assured that everything has been checked and car is totally fit. We started for Solapur On 20/04/12. After about 100 Km, the AC stopped working and the engine temperature kept rising. At around 6 PM, after having driven the car for about 400 Kms without AC , the engine temperature shot off out of scale crossing the red zone . stopped the car. Waited for it to cool. Then started again. After about 5Kms, again the temperature started rising. Again stopped and waited for it to cool. . Finally, at 8 PM, called the breakdown maintenance team of Hyundai and handed over the car for diagnosis to (M/s Ketan Hyundai) Nagpur. After thorough check up by them, to our utter horror and surprise , they diagnosed – No coolant , radiator choke, and engine gasket burnt. We had to leave our car at Nagpur and proceed further by bus ( Rs.1500/- bus fare) . M/s Ketan Hyundai took another 15 days for repair and raised a bill of Rs.21158 + Rs.2300/- vide bill B201206384. You can have a look at the job card at M/s Ketan Hyundai. We had to pay the amount first and then collect the car .
I wish to ask that what kind of general check up was carried out at Krishna KOrba works wherein their people have not checked the very basic things. My car was at their works from 16/04 to 19/04 for full 3 days and it was informed to their people that we have to drive the car far away , so please check everyhing thoroughly. Why was the radiator not checked ?? Why was the coolant not checked??? Why did the AC stop working when it was repaired just a day before ??

Because of negligence of Krishna Hyundai Korba , I have incurred heavy monetary loss ( Rs.26,758/- which is tangible), time loss and mental agony . Please arrange to compensate my loss of Rs.26,758/- at the earliest.

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