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Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: ICICI Bank

My name is Rupee Sumit Kishore. I am not an ICICI customer.

Earlier this year I started getting calls from ICICI collections department (Rohini-Sector 8, New Delhi). The person on the phone said I was named as a reference for ‘personal loan’ availed by one of the employees in IBM (this is where I work). They started calling me everyday despite of the fact that I told them that I could not control the loan repayment since the guy in question “Manoj Sharma” is one of my team members. It is very embarrassing for me to discuss someone’s financial matters at work. The guys at ICICI would ‘threaten’ me saying “we will come to your office, we can get an access to your home address etc”. I got so worried that I did ask my team member to get in touch with ICICI. I don’t know what happened post that.

I again got a call from ICICI collections center today.The caller was Naresh Kumar. He said there is some more money pending for Manoj and I should intervene because I am his reference.
I am being harassed for no reason.
I want to know why:

1)Did ICICI bank not check if they were giving loan to someone who’d pay it back?
2) My permission taken before putting me as a reference on Manoj Sharma’s loan?
Naresh Kumar said if I did not intervene, he will send people to my office. And why am I being threatened? Have I taken the loan from ICICI?
3)I want to see the document or proof of my approval to be a ‘reference of guarantor’ for Manoj Sharma
I am being HARASSED. I want some resolution
When I told Naresh that I will write to the higher ups at ICICI. He seemed so ‘unmoved’. He said please do that, but you will KEEP GETTING these calls.

I have written an e-mail to Chanda Kocchar (CEO-ICICI). Waiting for her revert. I need help.

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