WRITE A COMPLAINT — Fraud against refund

I have posted a complaint of cheated me a amount of 21700 rupees in consumer complaints.. By seeing the post on the same day itself i got a call from a person whom he says he’s from naukri complaints department.. He said he’ll help get my refund amount because the real decided to give back the amount i got cheated by their name ..
In order to get my refund back he said i have to pay 2100 for producing cheque which i obliged.. He also said he Will surely return back this amount also and fo getting my amount back i trusted one last time and paid the amount of 2100… After i paid he sent me the soft copy of the cheque with total amount of 23800 refundable amount.. He said the hard copy of cheque will be sent to my residential address which he got from me.. He said i will get via speed post within 2 days.. Now when i call him he’s not responding to my calls.. Also yesterday another 2 members called me separately and said they’re calling from naukri complaints team and saying we’re the persons from naukri complaints team.. What’s happening here? I thought by complaining here the issue it would get solved.. But taking my complaint as an advantage they’re stealing my money again and again.. Please take this issue very serious.. Help me to get my amount back.. Naukri should take responsible for this.. Because how could we know someone call from naukri and use their name and getting money.. And then how our profile submitted to could be used by some fraud peoples.. So all this refundable amount must be transferred to me without any more payments.. Help me please and take serious actions against them. My contact number is 9787176044..
Email address – [email protected]

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