My investment theift by bank official

Location/place: MUMBAI

Name of company/service: HDFC credit card

I have own account on thane branch, later I got debot and they offed credit card, in the same they have offer to standard life insurance policy with free premium for first instalment. Ten year terms they offed.every month I have to psy near about 1000rupees. they will pay to life insurance Rs.10000/year.4 years I have paid allmost 48000rupees I have paid, but they are issue only 1st month receipt. later their agent just taken cash or cheque. Either bank or Insurance peoples not sending any type of receipt. At present both the people from customer care insist to pay payment about 25000rupees. I could not understand Iam paying money for my policy. after getting threatenning from both end i stopped the payment to credit card account, till that i paid that account only. I got mesage your credit card stopped by credit card section. but consumer care people sending person for collecting the money.

Please give me advice what action I can do to get my payment or close my credit card as well as life insurance.
thanking you

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