My father is cheated by a company named as ‘M/s COUNTRY INN PRIVATE LIMITED (CIPL)

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: M/s COUNTRY INN PRIVATE LIMITED (CIPL)

Description of incidence: 10 years back in 2002 my father and mother
(in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh) used to get many calls from this company
stating that the company has selected their telephone numbers and they
have a free gift for them. After receiving many such calls once in
April 2002, my parents went to receive their free gift. The company
called them in a hotel and started convincing them about investing in
their resort business. The company said that if my parents will pay
some money, they can go and visit the resorts of the company within
India. However, when my parents did not get convinced they started
making false promises like:

1. “When your son will go for honeymoon after marriage he can visit
our resort in Switzerland, his trip to Switzerland will be free. And
people from the company will greet the couple”

2. After this they said “By paying this money, you will get a cottage
in our resort. You can use this cottage for some years and after few
years you can sell this cottage. You will be able to make many times
money what you are paying us by selling the cottage.”

By making false promises about creating financial wealth and making my
mother emotional about her son’s honeymoon in Switzerland, they
tactfully convinced them paying some 22,000 Rs. At the same time
without giving them any chance to think one person accompanied them to
our house and he took Rs 22,600 and Rs 7,400 (A total of Rs 30,000)
from my father.

My parents realized about the cheating: After this, when my parents
discussed with other people they got to know that many people used to
get such calls and there was nothing special about my parents getting
a call. When my father went to enquire about this, one of the staff
(Mr. Kazmi) said “You don’t worry, you are in Irrigation department. A
person in electric department who is also an engineer has got the
membership and is very happy with our services. This staff of the
company gave a telephone number to my father so that he can verify
with this customer and asked to call him in the evening after 7pm.
Having the fear of getting cheated my father could not wait for the
evening and called on the telephone number in the afternoon. Somebody
picked the call and said that he was the father of this person and
this person was not at home. When my father asked about his details
his father said that he is an employee of this resort company only and
not a government engineer. My father was stunned with this act of
cheating. He immediately decided to get his money back and went to
the Lucknow office of M/s COUNTRY INN PRIVATE LIMITED (CIPL). Nobody
helped him and even one person indirectly threatened him stating that
they have contact with political people. Also, people in the company
said that they cannot give the money back but they will fire Mr. Kazmi
for the false statement.

The company knew that they can easily cheat my father is they had a
team of lawyers: When my father told the people in the company that he
will go to the court they said “You will not be able to do anything as
you will hire a lawyer and we have a team of lawyers for dealing such

My father tried getting help from court: In September 2002 my father
made a complaint in consumer court in Lucknow and since then he is
following up with lawyers. As he did not have enough money to give to
lawyers (he hired two lawyers in this period of 10 years and paid both
of them some money but because their expectations was too much both of
them discontinued helping my father) both of them went out of this

I am seeking for your help on behalf of my father. He is a
retired government employee aged 65 years. His vision is very poor and
has other health problems too. He needs to take care of my sister’s
education and marriage. His hard earned money meant a lot for him at
this moment. I hope you will definitely help him getting his money

1. The company which took money from my parents: M/s COUNTRY INN
PRIVATE LIMITED (CIPL), Corporate office at B-201, Ansal Chamber 1,
Bhikaji Cama Palace, New Delhi – 110066
2. The company which owns a resort at Bhimtal, district Nainital: M/s
ORPHIC RESORTS LTD., Registered office at Kincreig, Mussoorie,
District Dehradun, Uttaranchal.
3. M/s ORPHIC RESORTS LTD is affiliated to: Resort Condominiums
International, Registered office at 208, Brigade Gardens, 19 Church
Street, Bangalore -560001

Thanks and Best Regards,
Gaurav Bajpai
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07838807711/ 09911667873

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