my acces amount is not refunded from 2 months and make me fool regularly

hello sir
I want to complain against Bajaj Fiserv
on 16 may 2018 I make an advance payment on their advance EMI portal I paid 7 EMI which is equal to ₹26,369.00 but I didn’t receive any mail or message of payment success then I complain in their office which is in kaushambi Ghaziabad Radisson Blu building on 2nd floor they told me you get your amount back in 3 to 4 days I m waiting for that but I didn’t receive then I go again so they again told me same thing and after my 3rd visit they mail my refunding process to head office and after that I go in their office regularly but they didn’t do anything they make excuse every time but not give me my refund so its a request to you sir please help to get my refund fasti really need that..

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